Saturday, 22 April 2017


I seem to be losing, at least for this trip, my sense of adventure, my willingness to cast caution to the wind, to see what is out there beyond the gates of our luxury resort. When I asked Anne this morning what she wanted to do, she had trouble answering, her mind off on a voyage of its own, somewhere beyond the horizons of breakfast. When she finally did return her focus to our day, it landed firmly on the beach and the sand.

I agreed with her decision. Yet I cannot blame my loss of adventurousness on Anne. I truly did agree, seeing no benefit in wandering far from the sand and surf, no benefit is the discomfort of transfers from chair to car and back again, no benefit in learning more or seeing more of our environs. I am happy to settle into my chair by the beach, happy to read the massive book I have with me, happy to have someone bring me margaritas for the day.

There is one underlying reason for this acquiescence to idleness, perhaps even indolence. My energy level has been very low the last couple of days, a combination of late nights and my body fighting another of this seemingly endless pattern of bladder infections. Put short, I need to rest, to take it easy. Adventure does not make for taking things easy.

This is perhaps the first time in all of my travel adventures where staying put, staying in the hotel, staying by the beach, has seemed the right thing to do. I have ever been the wanderer, forever wondering what is out there. I have forever been the explorer, seeking to find what is beyond the horizon. Perhaps those days are gone for me. Perhaps I have hit the point where travel is so onerous that staying in one place just makes sense. That's the way it seems today.

To the beach, book in hand, ordering a margarita, taking it easy. This is what I have become, for now.


  1. Personally, I was always a hang on the beach person myself... Wish I had a 10th of your Spirit for adventure. But I'm glad the beach is there for you when needed...

  2. You must be a trooper for being active for so long. I'm feeling like a slacker with the fatigue and mobility problems, and I've only been in this since October, 2016 and still waiting for a second opinion!