Wednesday, 12 April 2017


I'm back. After a couple of days battling septic shock from a bladder and blood infection, I am now well enough that I can type, a major accomplishment in my books. Each time I get something like this, it takes more away from me, moving me further along this pathway. It's not an easy thing. I've done this enough now that the staff here at Foothills are beginning to recognize me.

I'm not going to say much, or write much, today. I am still extremely weak an exhausted. The drugs are doing their job. I will get better. At least from this. I am not going to die today. Today is NOT a good day to die. I have to go to Mexico on Sunday.


  1. So sorry you've been ill and I'm glad you checked in. I was worried about you. Rest up for your trip!

  2. I also... Thanks for checking in... I'm use to you posting each and every day. Getting concerned.

  3. So good to hear from you.....thank you for checking in with us. Hope you are out and about soon!