Saturday, 15 April 2017

It's A Good Kind Of Busy

It's been a very busy, successful morning! Already I have gotten up, used the bathroom, brushed my teeth, had a shower, and dressed. The turkey is stuffed and in the oven. My kitchen may be a bit of a mess, but the dishwasher is full and running so we can have clean dishes this evening. And now I am having a cup of coffee, taking the time in what will be a busy day to write, resting before the onslaught.

Meaghan, Lewis, Charlotte, and Orson will be arriving shortly. They left Revelstoke at 9:00 AM MST this morning. The drive time from there to hear is 4 1/2 hours without stopping. I am certain they will stop somewhere along the way; they have two small children in the car. Stopping will be essential at some point. So that puts them here at about 2:00 PM, in another hour or so.

Kate is on her way down; she'll be here in about 90 minutes, all bustle and business. Phil and the boys will be coming later. During the interim, Kate will help with getting dinner ready, as will Meaghan, but first she will spend some time playing with Charlotte. Once Phil gets here with his two boys, the fun will really begin.

One of the things I want to do with the four children today is take the over to Toys 'R Us so they can each get something for themselves. Depending on adult supervision, which clearly excludes me, the Disney store may get attacked too. Then, it's back for a giant turkey dinner with ice cream for dessert.

My one big sadness today is that Mary and her family cannot be here. I would have loved so much to see Rose and Charlotte together again. I can imagine Quinn in the Disney Store or Toys 'R Us. I want to do this with them so much. I need to find a way to get them here. The money I save on hotels and such would be easily redirected into silly Grandpa spending.

After the day winds down, the real business of the day will begin; getting ready for Mexico. I am mostly packed; a few last minute things are always how it goes. I need to reserve our cab for the morning. I need to make sure there are no perishables out which might go bad and stink up my apartment. I need to re-re-re-confirm that I have my passport and cash in my travel pouch.

Then, bed. And tomorrow at 5:30 AM I will get up and go to Mexico. I can do this, right?