Monday, 3 April 2017

Road Trip Video

It's Monday, and that means video blog. Today, however, I want to do something different. This video is not one of mine. My friend David put this video together to cover our three week road trip in February. He's put dozens, if not hundreds, of hours into putting together an entertaining, quick moving visual display of pictures and GoPro camera footage.

This is not a short video. How could it be, after three weeks on the road together? It's almost an hour long, so pick a time to watch it, come back with your favourite beverage and some snacks, and set aside some time. An hour is not really all that long; it's about the same as your local evening news, only this hour is probably more interesting than the evening news these days. I promise, not a political word in the whole thing.

Perhaps my favourite part is when David gets a day off from me and goes to the St. Louis City Museum. You can hear, and see, the glee in his face and voice with the many, varied, interactive exhibits. What's even better is that he is doing this without having to worry about me. I stayed at the hotel for the day, resting, doing laundry, losing one of his socks. I needed a rest; he got a terrific break.

If you pay attention, you can see where I had a mouthful of cookie and managed, at that very instant, to spot the "Main Gate" for Los Alamos. The exact replica of this iconic, original Main Gate is in a small park beside the road. I saw it, David didn't. I needed to get his attention. I did.

Of course there is Car Henge and The Cadillac Range, along with a bizarre collection of odd bits and piece of roadside America. There are the traditional things, like The Alamo, and non-traditional things like the Choo Choo Patio in Fredricksburg, TX. There is the ridiculous, such as the welded metal buzzards tearing apart a car, to the sublime, like the world's largest Jackalope.

It's a bit of everything. It's a lot of our road trip. Take some time. Enjoy the show.


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