Monday, 17 April 2017

Recovery Day

It's a recovery day, for all concerned. I am still exhausted from the combination of travel in ineptitude yesterday; so is Anne. The hotel is embarrassed about the screw up with our room yesterday; we've been assigned a handicapped room, available in a couple of hours. Sunwing Holidays is working hard to respond both the hotel failure and the disaster at Cancun Airport. As to the folks at Cancun Airport, I don't think they actually give a shit; it's just another day to them.

While we may headed for a new room, our temporary room has the hotel's standard toilet configuration, with the toiler in a narrow, private water closet. It is physically impossible for me to get to it. So I have to wait until 3:00 PM to go to the toilet. Since I will need help with the toilet transfer, it makes little sense for me to try to use a handicapped toilet in the lobby washrooms. Anne can't come into the men's, and I can't roll into the women's.

Denis, the bell-man who so far has been our saviour for so many of the challenges here at the hotel, would most likely be willing to help me on and off the toilet. The thing is, I want to be sure the hotel management understand what my needs are so that the right person can be assigned to help me. It may be Denis; it may be someone from outside the hotel who comes in for an hour or two each day. We are trying to get that settled this afternoon as well.

The hotel in general is terrific. The staff are very helpful. The food is excellent. The bar is always open. We have yet to go to the beach today, but that will come along soon enough. Right now, it's nice to just sit quietly in my room, letting my body and mind recover.

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