Wednesday, 5 July 2017


I have a new Home Care Aide today. Micheal has left me. He said that working with me was hurting his back. I can understand that. He is tall and was constantly bending over to do something, and bending over incorrectly. I did what I could to make it easier on him, but in the end, he has taken light duties as an alternative. So from Micheal, I go to Semhar, an Eritrean woman who has lived in Canada for 8 years. She's a Mom with kids aged 2 and 4.

One of the rough things about having a new HCA is the learning period. She has to get used to me, and I have to get used to her. She needs to learn all about my routines, my exercises, where things go in the kitchen or around the apartment, plus a whole host of other minor things. It means working out schedule flexibility, timing, when it's okay to be late, when it's not okay to be late. It all takes time.

On the plus side, Semhar cooks! I got a nice breakfast today; cheesy eggs, bacon, toast, and coffee. She seems more than willing to ensure I get a good breakfast, is comfortable using the various spices and such in my kitchen, and is not afraid of olive oil. In fact, when first confronted with the choice of olive oil or canola oil for cooking, she choose olive oil. That wins points with me.

Of course it will be a long time before I know for sure if she will stick around. The situation for HCA's can be quite fluid, thanks to the nature of their work. Clients come and go, some pass away others transfer to homes. In some cases the HCA and client are not a good fit. I try on my side, yet there are still times when I have to ask for a change.

Today, as a first day, went fairly well. I got my shower. She helped me dress. We did my exercises as best we could for a first time. She made me breakfast, then mopped the floor in the bathroom and bedroom. My water jug did not get filled, but it's already half full so no big deal. My bed is properly made with the lift in accessible position. The dishwasher was emptied with me showing where dishes went, then refilled and it's now running. The garbage did not need to be taken out, so that will be for tomorrow. Not a bad start.

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