Tuesday, 18 July 2017

Tough Tuesdays

While Monday may be one of the best days of my week thanks to the ministrations of Kathy, my HCA, Tuesday is not typically a good start. First of all, on Monday's I get to sleep while Kathy cleans my apartment. I wake up to a nice, clean smelling home. Second, Kathy arrives at 10:30 AM on Monday, but arrives at 9:00 AM on Tuesday. This is a result of an experiment on my part which has become permanent. I wanted to try getting up earlier. Kathy was available and now I don't want to lose her by changing things.

So I live with tough Tuesdays. Today was tougher than most. Last night I went to bed late and slept poorly. I was off to a rough start right away. Then this morning my bowels decided that being in the sling was close enough to being over the toilet. I spoke to them harshly, using all the inappropriate language I could, reminding them that I was still wearing underwear. Alas, all to no avail. By the time I made it to the toilet, I was a shitty mess.

Once again, Kathy help rescue me from this mess, helping me get my underwear off, helping clean up the mess. My bidet spray helped a bunch, as did my shower; it was the clean up of underwear and commode chair where I needed some help. She takes these disasters completely in stride, a part of her daily work, without making me feel bad or helpless or anything like that. She often comes up with good reasons for why these bad things happen to me.

What make this Tuesday even more challenging is that Kathy is now off for two weeks, on holidays, headed to see her family in Edmonton, then in Radium. I have this deep and selfish worry about who will take over for her, who will fill in the gaps next Monday and Tuesday. On top of this, Olga is away this weekend, on vacation with her husband and children. So I have holiday fill ins for Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday and Tuesday. I wonder what I will eat!