Monday, 11 September 2017

I Need A New GP

I've been having some issues with my Family Doctor across the street. I've already written about these issues. Lately I have been casting about, looking for another doctor, although I have taken no action in that direction. I was hoping things might settle down and I might work things out with my current doctor. Changing horses in mid-race is never a good idea. Right now, as I move towards needing a doctor to provide MAID sometime in the not too distant future, stability in my health care situation is important.

Unfortunately, stability will not be. I called my doctor's office this morning to make an appointment. I was politely informed that my current doctor has declined to offer me any further appointments or any further care. The requirements for a person with ALS are more than he feels he is able to provide from within the confines of an outpatient situation. In other words, working with me is too much work.

I get it. Prescription renewals over the phone generate little to no revenue. Visits with me can be more complicated thanks to wheelchair access, special medical needs, and now the added weight of MAID. For some doctors, it's just too much work for too little money. He has an expensive office and undoubtedly lots of bills. Having me as a patient simply did not add positively to his business mix.

It's kind of okay in some ways. It certainly forces my hand in terms of gettting a new doctor. The ALS clinic wants me to have some form of GP coverage, to handle non-neurological issues like bladder infections and blood pressure medications. Of course I would not need help with any of this stuff were in not for ALS. The bladder infections are from my catheter. My catheter is because my legs don't work. My legs don't work because of ALS. My various heart medications would be easy to refill were it not for my lack of mobility, that lack thanks to ALS.

Most of the challenges in my life these days relate to dealing with ALS. My emotional challenges, my physical challenges, all of these are made much worse, much less manageable thanks to ALS. Let's hope my next doctor realizes it in a kinder way than my last. Now, off to find another GP.


  1. Sorry to hear that, just one more thing you don't need to have to deal with right now.

  2. Wow, i have never heard of a doctor dropping a patient. Isn't there such a thing as the hippocratic oath ?

  3. You deserve better! Good riddance to him!

  4. Not that it will make much difference, but please review him online and let other people know what he did. You are a FUC*ING human being and should be treated as such.