Friday, 8 September 2017

It's The Drugs, Man

I ate breakfast today, poached eggs on toast with a bit of cheese and tomato along with a pan-fried chicken leg nicely spiced. It was a good breakfast, and it was the first time I've felt really hungry in a few days, the first time I've actually felt like eating, seeing it as a pleasure rather than as a requirement.

You see, I've been battling this low grade bladder infection for a few days know. Yesterday it started to heat up, the night before being one where I was up every hour to go pee, plus I soiled another pair of pants by peeing in my sleep. This excessive urination is a sure sign of a mild bladder infection. Along with excess urination, I was tired, more than normally tired, even after a full day in bed. Then, yesterday afternoon, I started to develop a fever. This one was going to be a problem.

I'm very good at diagnosing these bladder infections myself; I've had enough of them. Quite possibly it could be one of these nasty bugs that takes me out in the end. For now, I have something called "Monurol". It's actually fosfomycin tromethamine, a synthetic, broad spectrum, bactericidal antibiotic. I mix a pouch of this stuff up, which they have kindly flavoured orange, and drink it down in a half cup of water. Then, in a matter of hours, it starts killing off the nasty bugs.

Last night I slept well. I was not up every hour to go pee. I did not soil the bed or myself. This morning I woke up actually feeling like I might get out of bed. I wanted breakfast. I am still hungry after a very good breakfast. I will likely eat more of that fried chicken today. So, I would say the Monurol did its job.

Now, if only the rest of my medications worked as rapidly and as well. Maybe my body would start to get better. I know. I'm only dreaming. It's the drugs, man.

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