Friday, 1 September 2017

I Am A Mutant

Okay, I've been writing a lot of dark stuff lately. So how about this instead?

I was thinking about myself. I know. How rare is that? I was thinking about what I am. I am a mutant. Or at least I have a mutant gene. That's the focus of much of the research in ALS. Gene therapy, stem cells, genetic regeneration; lots of it. So, if ALS has a genetic component, and I have the mutant gene that triggers ALS, then I must be a mutant.

Then I began thinking about other mutants, the whole X-Men thing. I got one of the useless mutations. I bet there are all kinds of nonX-Men with useless mutations. So what if I grow an extra set of teeth? Who cares if my lungs cystify and kill me? Oh, and what about ALS? What good is this as a mutation? Why couldn't I get a mutation like super strength, or the ability to levitate?

Anyways... Here I am thinking about the Marvel Universe and the X-Men. Then I think to myself, how sexist is this!! X-MEN! When one of the original five was female, and now all those mutants are out there who are female. Can they ever be X-MEN? No!! That is so sexist, so unfair!

What we need to do is rise up, as one body, and demand that Marvel change the name of that whole thing to something more genderly inclusive. Maybe something like X-People, or maybe even Mutant-X. Sure it's been used, but it could probably be purchased as intellectual property for a bargain basement price.

Oh, then we could go after them about their stupid diminutive naming for so many of their female characters! For example, in the origin story about X-Men, there were Angel, Beast, Cyclops, Iceman, and Marvel Girl. Really! The first four sound dangerous, sketchy, out there. Then we have this little girl tagging up the team. Jean Grey is really radical, so much more powerful that any of those animalistic men.

Super Girl! Where the heck is Superwoman? At best she is the anti-hero of Wonder Woman living in a parallel universe. At worst, one of many comic characters who assumed that title, mostly for nefarious purposes. You see, it's not just Marvel, it's DC too, doing it at their best, or second best as it may be.

It's time for feminism to strike at the heart of all 10 year old boys, or those who have the passions of 10 year old boys! It's time to equalize presentation of women as heroes. It's time to eliminate the de-humanized, terror stricken look normally portrayed by frightened women in the comics! It's time to stop using boobs as the main attraction of female characters!


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