Thursday, 6 December 2012

A View From My Window

Okay, I will admit it right out front. I choose that title to be provocative and to make people think. I bet you all thought there might be some deep philosophical statement about how life looked from my new point of view. Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar.

What I really want to share is the view from my apartment window, but not in pictures. I want to share the feeling of it, the sense of it, the place of it.

My apartment main window looks out over the top of Market Mall. The Bay sign shines brightly as does Toys R Us. The street is busy and the parking lot is right across that street. So what makes the view so interesting?

In the center of my window there is a fir tree. Every day that tree looks different. One day it is snow covered, another day it sways in the wind and yet another it stands still and calm. Behind the tree is the bulk of the shopping mall, square and squat, a giant cement box hulking in the midst of a gianter parking lot.

But in the back of all of this is the sky and the rising sun. Each day I get to sit, enjoy my morning coffee, and watch the sky creep into life. Today is cloudy, dark, heavy. Yesterday was bright and colourful, a classic prairie sunrise. Tomorrow will be different again.

As the last month has gone by, the sun has worked its way south. Soon it will change directions and return, crawling back like some reluctant lover, forcing itself inch by inch into my view.

I can't change any of it but I love seeing it each morning as I sit and enjoy my coffee.


  1. What a lovely statement Richard.

  2. Hi Richard,

    I am reading your blogs and loving it. I have received a whole lot of business emails from you during the PA project and after but I didn't know that you were such a wonderful writer.

    Keep writing!