Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Just Another Ordinary Day

I woke up this morning and thought about ALS. I made breakfast thinking about how this might work as the disease progresses. I made my coffee and wondered about teaching my son to do it the way I like it, because there will come a day when I cannot do it. It looks like another ordinary day.

That's right. It's another ordinary day. I got up. I shaved and brushed my teeth. (And cleaned the toilet too, but not with my toothbrush.) I got dressed for work. I made coffee and breakfast and now I am sitting down to eat and write my blog.

It's another ordinary day. I will go to work in about a half an hour. I will do my work and make things happen. After work I will go to Trivia Night at the Unicorn Pub. Before going I will make my usual batch of guacamole and take it with me the way I always do. I will have a few beers with friends and come home to bed.

It's just another ordinary day. But there is nothing ordinary about it.

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