Sunday, 23 December 2012

Wasn't That A Party!

Do you remember the Irish Rovers? They had a song called "Wasn't That A Party". The song tells the story of a heavy night of jolly Irish drunken partying. Well I can't say I lived up to that model last night but we had a terrific dinner party at my place.

It's a challenge for me to have these kinds of parties and I could no longer do it were it not for the terrific group of friends I have around me. Sure, I got things going with the turkey and the espresso maker but as each of them arrived they all pitched in, from helping in the kitchen to taking out the garbage. I can run my kitchen reasonably well on my own but having an amazing group of people who all do a piece of it makes the whole night a lot more fun.

My real trouble in all this is getting out of my chair. Every time I would try to get up, someone would shoo me out of the kitchen and back into my chair. Every time my glass was empty, someone would fill it with something delicious. Someone else set the plates out. Someone else served the food. Someone else carved the turkey. I just sat around and enjoyed the company.

It is this kind of activity that makes me want to keep going; the company of friends, good food and drink, and the laughter of an evening. The people in this group range in age from my age to young people in their early 20's and every decade in between. They are interesting and intelligent, funny and smart, filled with life. It's a solid core of good people in my daily life.

They say that ALS patients with strong support groups live longer and have a better quality of life. I have a great support community - friends, family and medical. I want to prove the professionals right. I want to live longer and enjoy my quality of life.

I want to have more parties.

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