Saturday, 15 December 2012

Richard Hires A Housekeeper

Yes, it's true. I have hired someone to come in a couple of hours a week to help me with the housekeeping. My brother Peter says I shouldn't have waited for ALS to do this and that having a housekeeper is just a real treat. Others tell me I need someone to vacuum and clean the bathroom because apparently I ain't doin' so good in that department. Regardless of reason, I now have a housekeeper.

One of my concerns about having a housekeeper is the whole trust thing. I have never had anyone come into my home as a trusted individual and look after things. I don't have much to steal; I certainly don't need to worry about that. Part of me had hoped that I could look to my son for some of this help. On the other hand, as a close friend suggested to me, it might be better if my son could spend time being with me rather than cleaning the apartment. So there you go.

The other concern is money. Right now it's only $50 a week. That may not seem like much, especially in light of the cost of things like going out for lunch or buying gas for my truck. I was raised in a frugal household and some of that carries on in me. So I worry about it even when my brain knows it is silly.

That brings to light how little control we really have over the stuff we worry about. I need to work on worrying about the right things; family, friends, loved ones and life. Perhaps having the housekeeper will give me more freedom to focus on what is important.

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