Saturday, 19 August 2017

Cookie Time

I'm sitting here, post breakfast, enjoying my cup of coffee. Beside my coffee cup sits a cookie. Yes, one of those cookies. I tried one for the first time last night. I assure you, they are very good cookies. The performed exactly as advertised. The guidance I recieved with respect to preparation and consumption was right on the mark. One of my friends even came over to help me through my first tastes of medical marijuana, in a cookie. Now my temptation is to eat another cookie, right now.

There are a couple of things I need to say before I go to far down the road of describing this experience. First, apparently making 30 cookies from 15g of marijuana makes for a fairly strong dose, approximately half a gram per cookie. My perscription calls for up to 4 grams per day of this stuff. That's 8 cookies. My goodness, I will never be sober again! Second, the cannibis educator told me I would get a balanced, mild high from this particular strain of marijuana. Balanced perhaps, but definitely not a mild high; this was a first class intoxication experience.

It started easily enough, with a bit of light-headedness beginning about an hour after I ate my first cookie. I wondered if this was all there was to it. Nonetheless, I stood by the advice given me and simply waited a bit longer. By two hours after ingestion, I started to feel the full effects of the cookie. That effect continued to rise in intensity until about hour four, then stablized. It wore off, mostly, while I was asleep. There are still some lingering effects; a continued light-headedness, a generally good mood, a kind of calm. This is what I was hoping for.

Oddly enough, my appetite was not stimulated, at least not for food. Water, I needed lots of water. Further, marijuana is not like alcohol; my inhibitions were not lifted. If anything I became more cautious about what I was saying. I knew I was high. I knew I had to watch out for myself. After all, I had a female guest helping me navigate this first cookie experience. In the end it didn't matter. She talked all night, a product of her own high. I listened all night, rarely saying anything. It's kind of funny that she thought almost everything I said was profound. I was so high I couldn't tell you know if I said anything at all.

If, like me as of yesterday, you have not tried marijuana, then the experience is hard to describe. It's like being drunk but without the alcohol. I went through a lot of time dilation experience, momentary stalls of time and thought, and a sense of things taking far longer than they actually did. I completely lost my grip on "reality", but still felt well in control of my physical self. My mind flipped in and out, as if someone else was in my body for a moment. Thoughts spilled out at times; perhaps this was the noted profundity.

Eventually I went to bed. I slept well. Not the kind of sleep from Zopiclone. Instead it was an almost normal kind of night, where I woek up regularly to go pee, where I tossed and turned such as it is these days, where the morning sun woke me up for a bit and then I went back to sleep. Yet it was a solid sleep, a restful sleep, something I don'r really get with the Zopiclone.

I now understand why the doctor prescribed a strain if marijuana with balanced THC and CDB for daytime use along with a high THC strain for night use. This stuff makes me sleep, something I struggle with. The ALS exhaustion is still here; I can close my eyes any time. Getting a solid sleep is what is really tough. The cookies helped a lot in this arena.

So now the real question is whether or not I should eat another cookie now. The effects will be well in place when my guests start to arrive for our party tonight. I'm not sure how they will respond. They've seen me after a few drinks. I wonder how they will see me with a cookie high?

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