Saturday, 5 August 2017

Energy For Visiting

Ricky is visiting today. I had so many ideas aboutehat I wanted to do, places I though we might go. Pehaps a drive up into the mountains, maybe head up to see my brother Jim, and my brother Peter, who happens to be visiting Jim this weekend. What about a nice luncch someplace with a view and decent beer? I knew Ricky would help me with some things around the apartment. There are things that needed to go to the storage locker, things that Ricky is taking back home with him. All of this, and more.

What if finally came down to, however, was my energy level. Each of my suggestions, once I said them out loud, became very quickly unrealistic. Things which I would have done at the drop of a hat in the past seem well out of reach these days thanks to my fading abilities. I simply cannot do a four hour drive on a whim anymore, let along the four hours back after visiting Edmonton. Five hours through the mountains would have been fun, except we stayed up late last night, having a few drinks, so that energy had already been expended.

I truly wish I had more energy, or could make better use of the energy I have. We ended up going to the mall across the road, having lunch and a beer, of which I drank half, then going to Safeway for a couple of steaks and some fruit. That, combined with a few minor things at home, did me in for the day, or at least for that part of it. I've finally started to wake up again, to feel some energy and ability. It's dinner time, so that will do it for me. After making dinner, I will need to relax once again.

This evening Ricky and I will sit around some more, not because he wants to but because I don't have the eneergy to keep going. He is making dinner; he's hungery now. I'm not really ready to eat, but those steaks smell good. After dinner, perhaps a few drinks. Friends will drop by to see Ricky. Then, at around 10:30 PM, he is off to the airport. I hope I can stay awake until then. It's the energy thing again.

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