Monday, 14 August 2017

Monday Morning, Up Like A Lark

I'm feeling pretty good today. Once again I must remind people that this does not mean I am not tired. I am always tired, always ready to take a nap, stop for a rest, close my eyes. Feeling pretty good means I have some energy, a willingness to do something, a desire to be out and about.

It's almost impossible for me to not feel good on a Monday. This is the day Kathy, my HCA, comes in to clean my apartment, help me with a shower, gets me dressed, and provides me with a terrific brunch. Today it was a couple of my favourite sandwiches. I'll be adding a few fruit chunks to the plate after I finish these giants Kathy made for me.

What really works in this process is how much she does for me, allowing me to conserve my energy, meaning I don't start my day exhausted and ready to go back to bed. First of all, she let's me sleep while she cleans up. Even if I don't actually sleep, and I often do, I can get rest, preparing myself for the challenge of getting out of bed. The toilet and shower part I still do on my own, something I am grateful for. It means I can still take care of myself, at least in part.

Then there is dressing. I no longer choose, nor put on, my own clothes. It doesn't mean I cannot choose. It means Kathy and the other HCA's will lay out my clothing while I am in the bathroom. Then they will dress me. They put on my compression socks. They put on my underwear. They put on my pants. They put on my shirt. I just lay there like a lump and let them do their stuff. It means that even in the process of getting dressed, I am not exerting what precious energy I have.

Not having to make breakfast is another big deal. If I make food, I tend not to eat it. The energy used in make breakfast is enough of a loss that eating is too much effort. With the food made for me, I am more able to eat, more able to enjoy a good breakfast.

Then there is the best reason of all why this is such a good day. Meaghan, Lewis, and  the kids went down to Coaldale yesterday to see Lewis' parents. They are coming back today and have decided to stay for a few more days. So how could this be anything but a good day.

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  1. On the flip side Richard, at least someone enjoys their Monday's.. :-)
    Have a good week...