Friday, 11 August 2017

Doggy Day

I awoke this morning at about 9:00 AM to the rhythmic sound of thumping coming from somewhere within my apartment building. It was a muffled thump, somewhat irregular in occurrence. I shook off the shrouds of sleep populating my brain. Were the people across the hall hammering? No, it hadn't been sharp enough for that.

Then it started again. It was coming from my own apartment, most likely from the bedroom next to mine. I suddenly realized it was the sound of children jumping on a bed, the bed in my spare bedroom. I remembered, very quickly, that my grandchildren, my very active and lively grandchildren, were visiting me! I called for my daughter, who stuck her read into my room and apologized. I said "No worries. I'm awake now." Nonetheless, the thumping stopped.

Charlotte, aged 6 1/2, is the energy child, forever in motion, constantly chattering, singing, talking to herself. Orson, just over 2, is the accomplice child, either watching Paw Patrol on Netflix or engaged with his sister in some sort of mischief. Yet not a bit of it is bad. It's actually quite charming, once you get over the mess, the noise, and the constant activity.

I will not suggest they wore me out yesterday on our 6 hour excursion to the Calgary Zoo. No, they actually had me worn out before we left. The trip to the zoo was a respite, where they were outside, free ranging as long as they were within parental grasp or within shouting distance. Grandpa, it turned out, made the perfect riding vehicle for Charlotte. Orson is too attached to Mommy and Daddy to ride on Grandpa and his Power Wheelchair.

Today is a rest and recovery day. My HCA, Olga, came in, helped with my morning routine, then did my exercises. Charlotte sat in to watch what Olga was doing to Grandpa. Orson had gone to the store with Mommy to get milk. It seemed almost quiet, his his return when the volume when up and repeting the phrase "Doggy Day" constantly became to order of the moment.

Nobody, except possibly Orson, knows what "Doggy Day" means. That's fine. My children and grandchildren are visiting. All is well.


  1. you always have someone coming over, seems you have many friends who enjoy hanging out with you. Cool.