Tuesday, 15 August 2017

Worn Out Arms

Today it's my right arm. It's sore, from my bicep down to my fingers. My left fingers are feeling a bit stiff as well. I wonder if it is from cooking and cleaning yesterday. I did spend most of my day making Cannabis Butter so I could make cookies.There was also the pasta sauce, which required chopping, cutting, and can opening.

The things that wear me out often have their greatest effect on the day after. In some ways this is completely normal. If you spend a sold day working hard on a project, the next day you really feel it. Your muscles stiffen up, your joints ache; of course this only happens if you are over 30 and don't do heavy work on a daiy basis.

I do no heavy work. I do almost no light work. I do almost no work at all. Yet the stress and strain of working my remaining muscles has the same impact on me as it might on you. The only difference is that seemingly easy assignments are difficult. Even light duty tasks seem heavy duty. It takes me four times as long to do the simple things that healthy people do in a moment, with almost no effort.

At least today, and for a couple more days, Meaghan, Lewis, Charlotte, and Orson are both here to help me, as well as here to entertain me. Looking around my Lego strewn table, I realize her success in assembling her newest kit is my success too. I got her the Lego set. Every time Orson's little feet patter across the apartment in a race from room to room, I realize he is comfortable here, comfortable enough relax and have fun without escaping into Paw Patrol on Nextflix.

Meaghan wants a day where she does nothing, or as little as possble. That works for me. Charlotte and I will go out on my Power Wheelchair for a long ride. Charlotte will sit on my lap, reserving her energy for really important stops, like the playground. By the time we get home, Meaghan and Lewis may have partly recovered. They still have Orson to watch, and he alone can be a handful. Kids. They wear out your arms when they are small.

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