Thursday, 10 August 2017


I can barely function right now. I am struggling to wake up. Last night, Meaghan and I sat and had a few glasses of wine. We talked for several hours, clearing the air on some things, clouding it on other, reminiscinh and, unfortunately, talking about the future. It's not mt my favourite subject, the future. It's a sad discussion, clouded with uncertainty.

Anyway, but the tme we were done our very long evening of chatter, it was well plas 1:00 AM. Meaghan and Lewis announced their departure for bed. I followed suit. It took them  mattter of mnutes to te get settled. Me? It took my usual half hour or so. In that process I decided tot take a Zopiclne. I wanted to be sure that I got a good night of sleep.

Of course I was pushing things. These pills work for about 8 hours. Take a pill at 1:30 AM, sleep until 9:30 AM. Takke a pill at 2, sleep until 10. Sometimes they really hit hard. The sleep zone expands to as much as 10 - 12 houts. Last night I took the pill at 1:30 AM, with homecare coing at 9:00 AM. I pushed the envelope. That pushing has a price, my seeming inability to wake up today.

I've already fallen asleep in my wheelchair twice while writing this post. I am almost impossible to converse with; I can't keep a train of thought or form rational words. The easist thing on earth would be to go back to bed andstay there all day.

Except I have a house full of guests. We have to go to the petting zoo today. We have to make dinner tonight. We have visiting to do. I'm hoping this pill wears of soon. I'm not happy with this grogginess.

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  1. Good luck Richard, we are all on your side! I read your blog everyday from NZ, I am sure I don't speak alone when I say you feel like a part of the family. From another PALS