Saturday, 20 May 2017

Campfire Blues

My friend Mike I coming for dinner today. He moved away to Kamloops for work last year, so we only get to see him here in Calgary once it a while. It's a seven hour drive. I've made that drive a fair bit, going down to the coast to see children, grandchildren, and my parents. It can be a really tough drive, especially in the dead of winter. I'm glad he can make it this weekend.

It's a long weekend, the official start of outdoor season in Canada. Summer frivolity has begun, with camping trips, road trips to the mountains or lake or seashore, or just hanging around of the deck enjoying friends and family, a beer in hand. Gardening has begun in earnest, planted patches appearing in neighbours yards reminding you that you should do one of your own this year. Even apartment balconies are getting decked out, trimmed with hanging baskets and herb trays.

It would be nice to participate in this season with some enthusiasm. Alas the weakness in my arms and hands makes many activities far to difficult these days. People I would have gone with at one time are off with other friends, unable to deal with the difficulties of travel with me and my many required devices. Thank goodness for David, taking me to Scotland and Ireland in a few weeks. These will be hotel nights, not camping nights, so life will be a bit easier. Still, it takes commitment to travel with me.

I wish I could go camping once again, at least for a night or two. I would like to sit around the fire, eat a charred hot dog cooked over an open fire, drink a few and tell a few stories, all under the sky spread above, glowing with a million stars like the stretched embers of the fire at my feet. This part of my life is gone, or at least out of reach. I cannot do it alone. I have my cot. I have my sleeping bag. I also have my wheelchair, my commode chair, my grabby sticks, my medications, my compression stockings, my M-rail. In other words, I have a lot of stuff, and that is what makes it tough.

It would be nice, though. Just once again. To sit by the campfire and watch the night go by.

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  1. From your blog and past posting on Facebook . You were always out and about.. Looks like you were quite the adventure ... Be nice if you got a camp out under the stars.