Saturday, 13 May 2017

It's Still My Kitchen

I'm halfway through my day, or well into it anyways, and I am only now finding a few moments to do some writing. My HCA, Micheal, arrived late today. Saturdays are always difficult for him; they cram his schedule and leave it up to him to make it work. Fortunately he knows that an extra half hour of sleep in a Saturday mornings is something I rarely complain about. If it gets to over an hour or so, then I might have issues, but not if its only 30 minutes.

About 15 minutes after Micheal arrived, so did my friend Tonny. He came to make breakfast for me today. He does this periodically, ever few weeks or so. Whenever I try to tell him how much I appreciate it, he reminds me that he has to eat too. It's both fun and upsetting to me to see how quickly he settles into my kitchen, how quickly he can get things done in there. I used to be like that. Alas, no more.

It's odd how so many people know their way around my kitchen. It was once a territory I defended furiously. It was my castle, where I ruled the kingdom of cooking. I was the one who organized the meals. I was the one who did the dishes. I was the one who put stuff away. These days I can to almost none of this. When Brad was over last night, dominating the kitchen as he does, I asked what I could do to help. He said I could issue orders, but as usual nobody would pay much attention to them. Basically everybody else takes over the galley while I pretend to sail the ship.

I am fortunate in this regard. Most of my friends are very comfortable in the kitchen, and more that willing to listen to my experience. At times, when I mistake "my way" for the only way, they will remind me, or ignore me. Mostly, though, they understand, they help, they take care of things. Sometimes they even do what I tell them.

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