Monday, 15 May 2017

Garden Angel

I need a gardener. To be completely honest, I need a volunteer gardener. I can't afford to pay for one. The reason I need a gardener is to help pretty up my small balcony. It's very small, just a perfect size for sitting on, enjoying a Gin and Tonic. However I have no flowers or baskets this year.

Last year, Katherine did the gardening. It was small, just a single hanging basked on a stand, one which I managed to kill while she was away in Hong Kong. I forgot to water it. These days it's more than just forgetting to water any plants. It's getting out there with a watering can, reaching whatever baskets, hanging or otherwise, that are in place. While I might be able to do it, I am just as likely to not, simply to save the effort for something else.

This would not be an onerous task, this temporary gardener. It would involve going with me to Canadian Tire to pick out the various hanging baskets and rail baskets, then picking out the contents for said baskets. I would love to have a small herb garden out there, along with some pretty, blooming flowers. I have always loved hanging baskets, a couple of them would be nice too. Then, once the garden was in, I would need help with the watering, perhaps once or twice a week.

This would not be an entirely volunteer assignment. There would be compensation in the form of wine, perhaps dinner now and again, and my gratitude. Plus there would be the results of the herb garden. So who out there is willing to help, willing to make my balcony something more than dust and a BBQ? Who would help me choose the stuff, setup the garden, and help me water it now and again? Are you out there, oh garden angel?

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  1. If I didn't live in SF Bay Area... I would soooo be there!!! Hope someone in your area volunteers ... Something about flowers always cheers one up.