Saturday, 6 May 2017

Spring, For Today Only

I've been up and our of bed for all of two hours, yet here I am ready for a nap. There is a certain unfairness in the exhaustion of ALS. I recently saw a quote where it said people with ALS use 3 to 5 times the energy to accomplish the same task as healthy people. I cannot verify the source for this claim, but my own experience certainly supports it.

Today is a perfect day for being alive, being out and about. The prairie sun is shining strong, warm and bright. There is a light breeze, just enough to cut the heat every now and again, yet not enough to cool completely the touch of heat that comes with just enough sun. Spring is here in Calgary. The small birds are back in the tree outside my window. The deciduous trees are in bud; in just a few days all about me will be a riot of greens of every possible shade and hue. People are out in shorts and t-shirts, revelling in their ability to stroll neath a clear blue sky.

Even I have joined the mood, wearing shorts and a T-shirt for the day. I spent the first hours of my day sitting on my patio, absorbed in the sights and sounds all round me, looking upward into a blue Alberta sky worthy of a song. Micheal brought my coffee to me, along with some Macaroni Salad and grapes. It was a picnic on the patio. From there, I could watch the world go by, although participation is beyond me right now.

Spring is a fickle thing in Alberta, as are all the seasons. It is only in Calgary where I have heard the term "late summer snow storm". Tomorrow temperatures will tumble. The rain will set in. For the next week or two, temperatures will remain cool, with the threat of rain, or even  thunder storm, almost constant. Today is the day to enjoy it, to enjoy life, as much as you can. Even if it means taking a nap. Not even ALS can change the weather. I have to live with what I get, and get what I can out of living with it.

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