Thursday, 25 May 2017

No Breakfast Today

On Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday, my HCA, Micheal arrives at 9:00, in theory. In practice, he usually gets here about 10 to 15 minutes early, so I wake up at 8:45 or so. Saturday through Monday start at 10:30 AM. I made this schedule change in the forlorn hope that I might get more useful stuff done in the earlier parts of my day. The truth is that these are the days where I tend to have a long nap in the afternoon.

These are also the days with Micheal. He is a reasonable care aide, his biggest asset being his reliability. While the nature of the job means there will be so irregularity in his arrival and departure, he is almost always here when he says he will be here, and when he is late I know something serious has happened.

Micheal has his limitations. Part of his job is to make me breakfast. If I am lucky, I get a fried egg sandwich once out of the five days he is with me. More often I get myself a bowl of cereal or some fresh fruit, perhaps both. Today I got nothing; I have to fend for myself. He simply doesn't cook. He says I am like a woman because I cook, and I prefer to have my laundry folded and put away, rather than just dumped into a drawer or left in the basket. I will be discussing this with his supervisor in the next few days.

His other challenge is initiative in being helpful. He will do exactly what it says on his list of things to do. No more. Today I had plants in the sink from watering them last night. He calls to me and asks me to take the plants out of the sink. I asked him about help with watering and he said "No. I am not a horticulturalist." Given that he is here five days out of seven, this could be a problem.

Today I am going to meet with my Home Care Coordinator Nurse, Dani. I am going to talk to her about help with my laundry and help with watering my flowers. I am also going to discuss getting a therapy pet, one to keep me company and perhaps help pick things up when I drop them, or do light switches when I forget. My thought is to have a doggy pad on the deck. I wonder how Micheal will respond if and when theses things are added to his duties. I suspect he will do them, reluctantly, just like making breakfast for me.


  1. You would think that he would be flexible and provide help wherever its needed most, be that with watering plants, tidying the kitchen or making fried egg sandwiches. Its great that he's reliable. Sounds like Michael just needs a bit of education around what "home help" is all about! I hope you get your fried egg tomorrow Richard. Regards

  2. It's definitely frustrating to have to rely on others for help, especially if they don't share your ideas about what you need. I am wondering if there is a Meals on Wheels programs available and if it would help?

  3. I can still make my own meals. The idea of having Home Care make breakfast for me was to ensure I actually did it. I often am tired, without the energy to prepare food. So I don't bother.